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Setting Expectations Before The Marriage

In any marriage, having a prenuptial agreement is not the same as admitting that your marriage may end. It is planning for your future. At Lavin & Parisi, Attorneys at Law, we pay close attention to issues around marriage and family law in general. Our 35 years of experience allow us to guide couples to the forward-thinking decisions that protect their interests. With prenuptial agreements, we work with you to draw up a roadmap for what to expect out of your relationship.

What Are The Advantages Of Prenuptial Agreements?

Prenuptial agreements are a key aspect to planning the next stage in people’s lives. A well-crafted agreement develops trust and a beneficial plan for couples. There is a high likelihood that the circumstances of your relationship will change. Having an agreement in place will be able to settle problems, if:

  • Career developments lead to disagreements over where to live
  • Changing interests lead to differences that cannot be surmounted
  • Violations of trust cause a marriage to become too difficult to maintain

There are many reasons that couples, both traditional and not, may seek to end marriages. Having settled agreements in place make these difficult moments much simpler. Our firm has the ability to write an agreement that is both fair and appropriate for your situation.

Protect Yourself From The Start

With the knowledge that anything can change in your future, it would be unwise to face that future without planning. Whether you are a heterosexual or a same-sex couple, this truth will apply. It might not be a romantic choice, but it is a responsible one. Contact us at our Crystal Lake, Illinois, office to schedule your no-strings-attached initial consultation. We can be reached through our email form or by calling 815-261-4894.