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Illinois AG encourages counties to grant same-sex marriages now

Many same-sex partners in Illinois have been eagerly anticipating June 1, 2014. That is the day state law allowing same-sex marriage will go into effect. However, Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to speed up the process. She has been encouraging counties to provide marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This encouragement comes in the wake of a federal court ruling giving the green light to Cook County same-sex couples getting married before June 1.

Should couples plan their wedding and divorce at the same time?

When couples get engaged, the last thing on their mind is the end of their marriage. After all, thinking about divorce during an engagement is not romantic. However, just because it is not romantic does not mean that is not a good idea. Indeed, drafting a prenuptial agreement may make the marriage stronger.

Factors for Illinois stay-at-home parents to consider

In Illinois and elsewhere, two-income households have become increasingly common. But some couples choose to live on only one income when they have a child. For the parent who gives up their job to become a stay-at-home parent, the decision is full of both rewards and risks. Before making the leap, however, the stay-at-home parent should consider a few questions.

What to do with the marital home during a divorce

For many Illinoisans, getting divorced can feel a bit like drinking water from a fire hose. That is because divorce requires a multitude of important family law decisions. Who gets the children? What kind of rights should the non-custodial parent have? Should one spouse pay the other alimony? If so, how much? Making these choices properly requires thorough research and careful consideration.

Divorce tips for the New Year

The holidays are over, and the New Year is here. With it means a chance to turn the page, and start clean. For Illinoisans, going through a divorce is a particularly special opportunity. To make the most of that opportunity, Illinoisans should keep in mind the following advice.

Ex-wife claims Wall Street banker owes thousands in child support

When Illinoisans divorce, many want to leave that chapter in their rear-view mirror. They do not want to re-live the emotion, the legal wrangling and the negotiations over who gets the house, the cars and the dog. But for divorced couples with kids, family law issues like child custody and, especially, child support can resurface years after the ink finalizing the divorce has dried.

Divorce court tips: How to act before and during a hearing

For better or worse, divorce is one of the biggest moments in a person's life. Given the consequences and the emotions underlying it, Illinoisans are often feeling raw nerves during the process. That can mean not always acting in a positive manner in court. However, it is important to leave a good impression because the judge has few opportunities to meet parties personally. During those opportunities, the judge is evaluating both parties' credibility, which shades how the court will view the parties' claims and ultimately how the court will rule on them. Fortunately, by following a few tips, Illinoisans can have a better chance to leave a good impression with the court.

Commonly forgotten marital assets subject to division in divorce

Divorce is first and foremost about a fresh start; an individual often finds himself or herself at the end of something that is no longer working and at the beginning of something new and exciting. But while the goal is a fresh start, the divorce process is often about money, or, rather, how to split up the couples' assets.

Advice from a divorce attorney to the stars

Like marriage, divorce is a big decision that creates many more important choices such as the amount of alimony to be paid, property division and child custody, support and visitation. To address these important questions, Illinois residents may benefit from the following advice.

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