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Have a family-law issue: Get help

Just as each Illinoisan is unique, so too are the family-law issues he or she encounters. Some Illinoisans get married, start a civil union or begin a domestic partnership. Others get divorced or dissolve their relationship. Some Illinoisans need an order of protection. Others need to create, modify or enforce a child-custody agreement. Some need to calculate child support; others need to enforce it.

Oasis singer embroiled in child-support dispute

For many Illinoisans, having a baby is one of the greatest moments of their life. The newfound life can bring great joy and purpose. But that milestone can become a painful wound if the parents have to endure an acrimonious breakup that centers on the child. Take, for example, Liam Gallagher, the singer for Oasis, and the mother of his child.

International travel can be a major family-law issue

For many Illinoisans, the airplane has been a wonderful invention. It makes it much faster and easier to travel all over the globe. However, that convenience can be accompanied by a drawback for certain Illinoisans: the risk that an ex-spouse may decide on relocation and not inform the other parent. This family-law risk is particularly acute for international parents.

Same-sex partners may have to wait another day to get married

Same sex couples around Illinois are excited for June 1. There is just one hitch: June 1 is a Sunday. Government offices usually are not open on a Sunday. For couples who do not want to wait a day that means exchanging vows on June 1 and waiting a day to make it official.

Bad marriages linked to depression

Marriage can be a source of strength and stability for many Illinoisans. A partner can provide fun and companionship during the good times, and wisdom and encouragement during trying times. Unfortunately, sometimes a relationship can be the source of those trying times. That connection was recently reinforced by researchers.

Pet-custody disputes on the rise

Pets are popular in Illinois. More than six out of 10 American households have at least one pet. Given that popularity, it is no surprise then that pet custody has become an increasingly common family law issue. In fact, according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, pet-custody disputes have made into courtrooms with increasing frequency in recent years.

Sheen stops making his child support payments

For many divorced Illinoisans who have kids, one of their toughest ongoing family law issues is child support. For some, the problem is enforcing child support. For others, the problem is making payments. Fortunately, there are solutions for each side of the problem.

Divvying up restricted stock and stock options during a divorce

For many Illinoisans, getting a divorce is an emotional decision. But it is also a business decision. Because it is also a business decision, Illinoisans need to know about key financial terms and instruments. If not, they might not receive a fair property division.

Financial literacy key during a divorce

For many Illinoisans, divorce is the toughest business transaction of their life. It involves a whirlwind of emotion and potentially complicated property division. This division can include not only a house, but also retirement accounts, investments, a shared business and more. Because of the complexity involved, Illinoisans should not wait until they are in the maelstrom of a divorce to start learning about finances.

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