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Advice from a divorce attorney to the stars

Like marriage, divorce is a big decision that creates many more important choices such as the amount of alimony to be paid, property division and child custody, support and visitation. To address these important questions, Illinois residents may benefit from the following advice.

Glee star getting divorced

Illinois residents are probably used to hearing about television star Jane Lynch because of her role in "Glee." But, she recently made news for a far different reason: an announcement that she and her wife of three years are getting a divorce. In the announcement, Lynch called the divorce "a difficult decision for us as we care very deeply about one another."

Illinois legislature considers rape-child custody measure

Birth should be a time of joy, but for some women it is not so simple. For these women, childbirth also can mean a child custody battle with the person who allegedly raped them. Some Illinois lawmakers recently proposed a measure that would help these women.

Father and grandmother fail to return daughter to mother

Divorce can be tough on kids. It can also be tough on the parents, especially when a parent does not receive as much time with the child as they would like. As one father recently found out, however, taking possession of a child in violation of a valid child custody agreement is illegal and counterproductive.

Supreme Court declines grandparents' visitation case

As many Illinois residents know, child-related legal matters can be very exhausting. Specifically, issues surrounding custody and visitation can disrupt an entire family. In recent news, the Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from grandparents who wanted a court order for visitation rights with their grandchildren.

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