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Same-sex partners may have to wait another day to get married

Same sex couples around Illinois are excited for June 1. There is just one hitch: June 1 is a Sunday. Government offices usually are not open on a Sunday. For couples who do not want to wait a day that means exchanging vows on June 1 and waiting a day to make it official.

Supporters ready to champion Illinois marriage-equality bill

The movement for marriage-equality in Illinois did not stay stalled for long. Although the movement came up short after a bill that passed in the Senate but languished in the House, a coalition championing the cause, Illinois Unites for Marriage, announced that it has built up a $2 million war chest for the next legislative session. The group is ramping up to psh for the bill to be made a law, will also work to reach supporters with the help of over a dozen field organizers working in different areas of the state.

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