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As the executor of an estate, what are your responsibilities?

It can be daunting to learn that a person named you as the executor of his or her estate. This is an honor, but it is also a tremendous responsibility, one that you should not take lightly. In fact, you might find it beneficial to seek guidance as you work to meet your obligations and walk through the entire process of probate and executing the estate.

Is your spouse spending money after claiming a pay reduction?

When it became clear you were headed for divorce, you began to formulate a plan for your future, especially concerning your children. Like most good parents in Illinois, you want to make sure the impact your divorce has on their lifestyle is as minimal as possible. Your financial situation has always been a struggle. On the other hand, you're thankful you've always been able to provide for your children's needs.

Is a civil union a viable alternative to marriage?

A civil union is a way by which Illinois couples can legally establish their relationship with each other without getting married. Illinois law allows both same-sex and heterosexual couples to enter into a civil union, and while it is not the same thing as a legal marriage, there are things you may need to know about the laws that dictate how civil unions work.

Is staying married for the kids really in their best interests?

If you are considering divorce, there may be a multitude of factors that might influence your decisions. If you have kids, chances are, you probably consider them to be a top priority, and you might wonder how the end of a marriage will affect them.

An angry spouse can complicate divorce

Your decision to file for divorce in Illinois family court likely came at great personal cost. While you weren't sure how your spouse would take the news, you knew it was the right choice for your own peace of mind. You may have played the scenario over in your imagination, practicing the words you would use to break it to your spouse.

Focusing on the well-being of your kids during divorce

The end of a marriage can be a stressful and challenging period for everyone involved. Now that you and your spouse have decided to take separate paths moving forward, you may have concerns about how the outcome of your divorce will impact your future, especially if you have children.

The honor and duty of being executor of a will

Someone you know has just named you to be the executor of his or her will. Maybe it was a parent or sibling, an old friend or someone from work who has no family and considers you trustworthy. As much of an honor as this may seem, administering an estate is also an incredible responsibility.

Domestic violence and abuse is not always physical

There are very few situations scarier than being trapped in an abusive home or relationship. The sad truth is that some people do not realize that they are victims of domestic violence because physical abuse is not always involved. An act of abuse is simply an attempt to control or manipulate someone through actions, which can be non-physical. You deserve help and protection for yourself and your children if your partner engages in any of these actions.

Helping children cope with the realities of divorce

Making the choice to end a marriage when there are children involved is almost always an emotionally difficult decision. Whatever the reason for your divorce, you probably worry about how it may affect them. If your relationship was an especially hostile one, where any decrease in contention and stress will likely be beneficial for all parties involved, you probably have many concerns. Conversely, perhaps you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse want to work on maintaining a degree of civility and cooperation for the sake of the children.

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