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Sex change makes a divorce difficult

Changing one's sex to the opposite of one's partner may be insufficient to obtain a legal marriage. A court is questioning whether it has the authority to grant a divorce to a couple when the man had previously been a woman. The man has undergone a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery but retained his uterus and ovaries. He gave birth to the couple's three children, aged 4, 3, and 2, receiving national recognition and writing a book about the experience.

Illinois removes obstacle to divorce for mentally disabled

The Supreme Court of Illinois has punched a significant hole in the state's ban on divorce for the mentally disabled. Previously, guardians could not start divorce proceedings for the mentally disabled under their care. This meant that the mentally disabled person's husband or wife had to initiate a divorce if it was ever to occur. The prohibition also included those who may have become mentally disabled after the marriage took place. For example, post-marriage disablement might occur due to injury or diseases associated with aging, such as Alzheimer's. Basically, the non-disabled spouse was in charge.

5 tips for handling a stressful split

As some Illinois residents know, ending a marriage can drive you up a wall. So, how do you get through a divorce without losing your sanity? It is extremely difficult; however, a recent article discusses some valuable ideas for divorcing individuals. The source reports that there are five main steps that can ease your departure from your former loved one.

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