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Joe Simpson moves to prevent assets from going to Tina in divorce

Joe and Tina Simpson, parents of pop star Jessica Simpson, are divorcing after 34 years of about extramarital affairs playing a part in the split, but so far the family marriage. Rumors abound has denied such allegations. They say the couple is breaking up because of a personality conflict. Tina was the first to move for the divorce, and Joe has responded by requesting that he walk away with all the couple's assets.

Infidelity issues surface in NBA player's divorce

Many Illinois basketball fans would probably agree that Allen Iverson was one of the best point guards to have ever played in the NBA. At the peak of his career in 2001, he married his wife, Tawanna. Regrettably, the couple's marriage struggled throughout the rest of Iverson's basketball stretch in the United States. Specifically, rumors surfaced that Iverson may have been unfaithful. Now, as the couple deals with a pending divorce, Tawanna has filed court documents asking the basketball player to submit a list of every woman he had sexual relations with during their 10-year marriage.

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