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Tax repercussions of alimony

When Illinoisans get divorced, it causes ripples across each spouse's life. There are the ripples people expect, like resolving child custody and splitting the marital assets. And then there are the ripples that people often overlook, like the tax effects of paying alimony. Below are a few explanations on how alimony affects Illinoisans' federal tax returns.

Experienced Illinois divorce attorneys know the family law system

When Illinoisans say "I do," they expect it to last. But no matter how good their intentions, or how great their effort to make it work, not all marriages can last forever. Life happens, people change, circumstances shift, difficulties pile up. When the strain of life becomes too great, relationships sometimes snap.

How does the military aid child support?

Many Illinoisans serve in the military. That calling is an important one, but with it comes unique challenges. For instance, many service members serve extended deployments overseas. These deployments can strain families and prompt family law problems, especially for Illinois service members who owe child support.

How does bankruptcy affect child support?

Imagine the following scenario: an Illinois couple has a child together. They split up; one parent gets custody of the child, and the other pays child support. A few years later, the parent paying child support falls on hard times and files for bankruptcy. What effect does the bankruptcy have on the parent's child-support obligation?

Addressing interstate child support issues

In Illinois and elsewhere, when parents split a gaggle of issues can arise. One of those is child support. Usually child support follows statutory guidelines that require the parent who does not live with the child (that is, the noncustodial parent) to pay child support. The amount will be determined through a child support formula. If the noncustodial parent fails to make good on the obligation, the state may be able to step in and force payments by garnishing wages, taking tax refunds and more.

Griffin divorce flares up

As a general rule, Illinois couples get married because they love each other. And they get divorced because they no longer do or, worse, they can no longer stand each other's company. That is hardly a recipe for a smooth, unemotional divorce process.

We help Illinoisans focus on the future

For many Illinoisans going through a divorce, it can be easy to focus on the past. It can be easy to think about the happy first act and the less happy second act. But Illinoisans should not mire in the muck of what went wrong and how they were wronged. Instead, they should do the exact opposite -- they should have a laser focus on the future.

Ludacris marriage legit or child-custody ruse?

Many Illinoisans know Ludacris for his rapping and acting. But a few also know him for his recent spate of highly public child-custody and child-support battles with his former girlfriend over their child. Many of those battles have been ugly, leaving the rapper's reputation in tatters as a deadbeat dad. Now Ludacris finds himself under attack again, this time for getting married.

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