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Appointing A Decision-Maker

As you get older, you may not have the faculties to make your decisions as clearly as you once did. It is not a pleasant process to consider, but sadly, it is real. However, before that becomes an issue, you do have the opportunity to make the decisions for yourself on who will care for you.

At Lavin & Parisi, Attorneys at Law, as we help draft your estate plan we will speak with you about setting someone to have the power of attorney. It will allow you to prepare someone for a necessary responsibility that they can come to terms with before the worst happens.

Making The Choices Easier

There is nothing more unsettling than having a loved one become incapacitated without warning. Without a plan in place and without your wishes made clear, family members can argue over the correct course of action. Time will be wasted, and what you want will never come together. By designating a trusted relative or friend with powers of attorney, you are asserting control over an uncontrollable situation. Powers of attorney will allow your chosen representatives to:

  • Ensure your property is managed to your wishes
  • Get you the medical care you need
  • Provide your family with a definite person to go to for questions about your property

It settles questions and lingering doubts. In addition, designating someone with health care powers of attorney is the only way to fulfill the wishes of a living will during end-of-life treatment in Illinois.

Do Not Leave Your Choices In Doubt

It might not be the easiest decision you ever made, but taking care of this choice will ease the pain of your family when the time comes. Our law firm has the caring, professional demeanor needed to ensure that any decision made will be done in your best interests. Call us today to speak with a lawyer at our Crystal Lake, Illinois, office at 815-261-4894. You may also set up a consultation by emailing us.