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Guarding Your Financial Future In A Divorce

When a married couple with significant assets decides to divorce, the legal process to follow can become complex and contested. The outcome of several key issues can affect your financial stability for years to come.

At Lavin & Parisi, Attorneys at Law, we have over 35 years of experience in assisting divorcing couples across Illinois. We are knowledgeable in the complexities that can result from a high-asset divorce. Whether you wish to retain the marital home, protect your business or guard other significant assets, we can work toward efficiently pursuing your goals.

Determining Complex Property Division Settlements

The property division process can become naturally contested in any divorce. When the property and assets of a couple must be split into two, tensions can flare over what belongs to whom. Assets like multiple homes or properties, substantial retirement savings, businesses, valuable possessions and more can be challenging to divide.

We can advise on what is in your best interests. When you wish to retain something in exchange for another, we will discuss how best to achieve your priorities and set you up for financial stability.

Working With Knowledgeable Resources

In high-asset divorces, we work together with local experts and professionals to comprehensively address the financial and tax issues you face. Resources we regularly consult with include:

  • Financial planners
  • Forensic accountants
  • Tax experts
  • Real estate appraisers
  • Business valuators

Together, we can determine an accurate value for your estate and diligently fight for what you are rightfully due.

Experience In High-Conflict Divorces

Significant assets can complicate many divorce-related issues. When children are involved in a divorce, child support can be a tense issue as state guidelines only dictate the obligations for families up to a certain income. When the monthly payment obligations are dependent on your case rather than state guidelines, we can provide the experienced representation you need.

Discuss Your Divorce With A Lawyer

We have the resources and knowledge you need throughout a high-asset divorce. Learn how our family law attorneys can assist by scheduling a complementary consultation at our Crystal Lake office. Call us at 815-261-4894 or contact us online.