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Providing Stability For A Child's Growth

Financial support is critical to a child’s well-being. While financial issues are often angrily debated in divorce and custody cases, we try to keep parents focused on the needs of the children. It is important that child support does not become just one more thing parents argue about in a divorce.

However, we understand that payments must be reasonable for the party paying child support. We will work to balance the needs of the paying parent while keeping the best interests of the child in mind. To schedule a complementary consultation with one of our attorneys at Lavin & Parisi, Attorneys at Law, please call 815-261-4894 or contact us online.

Child Support Is The Right Of The Child

Illinois has statutory guidelines for determining the amount of child support. The guidelines place considerable emphasis on the paying parent’s net income. Illinois has created an income equalization formula which makes this a complicated process. It no longer relies on a percentage of the net income of the payor.

While the guidelines do not allow for much deviation, in cases involving high-income or low-income families, the court may grant exceptions. The burden of proof lies with the parent requesting the deviation from the guidelines.

Accounting For Special Needs

You can request more child support if the child’s needs require it. You must be able to document this need, however. We recommend discussing this issue with a lawyer to learn how the guidelines may apply to your circumstances and what evidence to gather to support your request.

Modifications And Enforcement

We can also assist you with post-divorce modification of court-ordered child support. If you are not receiving payments, we can charge the other parent with contempt and demand attorneys’ fees. If you have a reason for increasing or lowering support payments, we can modify the existing order. It’s also important to note that child support payments do not terminate automatically when a child turns 18. You have to file a petition in the court to terminate child support. We can help with this.

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