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Changes to tax law also change estate planning

Estate planning is a difficult consideration for family and friends, although paying close attention to the process can yield great benefits for heirs and beneficiaries. It is also not a process that should happen only once, as changes to national and state laws may affect plans for inheritances.

Federal tax code changes may affect Illinois estates

Planning the future of large and comprehensive estate after a person dies is a large responsibility, and it may seem impossible if one plans to do it on his or her own. An attorney with experience in estate planning is often a good idea to make sure that a person's wishes are properly executed after death.

Tax code changes may effect estate planning

Observers of tax changes are paying close attention to the federal government's recent focus on rewriting the tax code. If it becomes law, the new code will certainly affect deductions on charitable contributions and medical expenses, while it is also likely that estate planners will find changes as well.

The basics of estate planning

Estate planning is a difficult process, in which we often face a lot of fears common to all humanity and fears that are often felt by the main earners in families. It is hard enough to confront the prospect of the end of life, but it is also difficult to ensure that our loved ones will be safe in the future.

Estate tax may challenge larger assets in a will

Preparing for the end of life is always a difficult process, with many emotional challenges for people writing wills as well as their loved ones. One of the most complicated aspects of end-of-life planning is often how to deal with the product of a lifetime of work.

How to end a trust

People are allowed by law to determine the fate of their property and possessions after their death or inability to manage it. This must come as a relief to people who have spent their lives building businesses, eager to pass it on to a new generation or beloved cause. One of the best ways to manage assets is a trust.

Being single doesn't mean you don't need a will

Being young and single doesn't mean you don't need a will. Being young and single should be a big reason why you get a will created. Many young, single people like to live life to the fullest. They go on adventures that they might not get to enjoy at an older age. If they are able to, they travel the world. A will helps to protect your assets should die at a young age.