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The end of the year is the perfect time to make an estate plan

As the new year marches ever closer, it is time for adults to ensure their affairs are in order. This is the perfect time to get things situated so you can start the year off on the best foot possible. One thing you need to do right away is get your estate plan set. This can help your loved ones have a more secure future if something happens to you.

Protect your loved ones with your estate plan

Your estate plan should pass as much of your estate along to your heirs as possible. There are a few things that you need to try to protect the assets from. One of these is a high tax burden. The estate tax can take a good chunk of what your heirs should be enjoying. We know that you don't want this to happen but that you need to ensure that your spend-down is perfectly legal. We can help you come up with a plan that makes this happen.

Estate planning mistakes can impact your heirs

Your estate plan can protect you and your family members. While most adults don't relish the thought of having to come up with the terms of the plan, it can help provide you with peace of mind. You have to ensure that you are going about the estate plan properly. There are some things that might invalidate your well-thought out estate plan.

Your estate plan must be tailored to your situation

Now that you are an adult, you have to make sure that your future is all set. Young adults work toward this while older adults will likely be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. One thing that they don't think about is what is going to happen to all their hard work when they pass away. We know that this isn't a pleasant thought but it is one that is best addressed now.

Explaining the duties of an executor of a trust

Trusts are important legal documents that ensure a person's property, both real and financial, are taken care of upon their death or if they become incapacitated. If you know what a trust is, it's likely you know what the executor of a trust is too. This is a person who is chosen by the creator of the trust to handle the instructions of the trust when the time comes in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

What should I look for when choosing a power of attorney?

As you move through life, there are very important milestones you will hit. You will graduate from college. You will get married. You will have children. You will buy a house. You will buy a car, or two or three. You might get divorced. You will have grandchildren. All of these milestones come with risks. They are even riskier if you don't have an estate plan in place that names a power of attorney.

Federal tax code changes may affect Illinois estates

Planning the future of large and comprehensive estate after a person dies is a large responsibility, and it may seem impossible if one plans to do it on his or her own. An attorney with experience in estate planning is often a good idea to make sure that a person's wishes are properly executed after death.

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