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Divorce is especially complicated when a spouse is pregnant

The end of a marriage is a complex time for every member of the family, but it can be especially difficult when one spouse is pregnant. Custody is one of the most difficult issues to resolve in an Illinois divorce, and there are many factors to consider when there is the custody of an unborn child to discuss and settle. If a couple wants to settle this matter before the birth of the child, it can help for the mother to think long-term and what will work best in the future.

Helpful advice for those who are going through divorce

Ending a marriage is undoubtedly one of the most difficult life events that an individual can go through. Divorce is not only troubling and unsettling, it is also something that many thousands of people will experience. According to statistics, about half of all marriages in Illinois and across the United States eventually end in divorce. Here are a few tips to help adjust to life after a separation.

Mediation may be a viable alternative to court for divorce

There are ways for couples to end their marriages relatively amicably. Couples in Illinois who divorce don't always have to do so in an atmosphere of abject negativity, anger and animosity. There are family law tools available to help each person through this life-changing process and one of those is mediation. With an experienced mediator -- often an attorney -- a couple has more control over their own divorce.

Ironing out the do's and don'ts of divorce in Illinois

When a couple's marriage ends, there may be some fear on both sides as to what happens moving forward. Illinois couples who are homeowners and who have made the decision to divorce might be wondering what will happen to their family home and what to do and what not to do regarding divorce. Making a decision about the home is never an easy one seeing that it is likely the place where many happy family memories were made, but there are options guided by the state's family law rules.

For baseball star accused of having an affair with nanny

Given the emotion that is often involved in divorce cases in Crystal Lake, it is not uncommon to see both sides dig their proverbial heels in and fight for what they believe to be the outcome most advantageous for them. When proceedings devolve to this point, accusations may start to fly back and forth, each with the intent of damaging the other's case. The bitterness behind such allegations can often make it difficult for people to not view them with a certain degree of skepticism, especially when those they aimed at deny them. 

Why are second marriages more likely to fail

If you have recently filed for divorce or are currently going through the divorce process, you are not alone. At least 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a result, it is not unlikely to see people going through their second or third marriage. While many people believe that a subsequent marriage is more likely to survive, studies show that this is not the case. The divorce rate is higher among second and third marriages when compared to first marriages. 

How can I escape an abusive marriage?

Domestic violence affects countless families in Illinois and across the country. Nobody deserves to live in constant fear for their safety, or the safety of their children and pets, in their own home. However, as you may know, leaving an abusive relationship can be difficult. Successfully escaping abuse requires careful planning, as well as assistance from trusted allies.

What should you change about your estate plan during a divorce?

Nothing is constant in life except for taxes and death, as the saying goes. Like many other Illinois residents, you may have already taken care of your tax and inheritance matters by creating an estate plan. However, what happens if you get a divorce?

What is the gray divorce phenomenon?

Whether you have just taken your marital vows, or you recited them decades ago, you probably did not anticipate filing for divorce later on down the road. Yet, divorce is rather common among married Americans, and affects more than 50% of marriages. The rise of divorce in people over the age of 50 is known as the gray divorce phenomenon and it is taking the nation by storm. According to the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, 2.8% of people over the age of 50 filed for divorce a half-century ago, compared to 15.4% in 2011. While people may believe that a marriage that has lasted for decades may have avoided divorce altogether, that is simply not the case. Circumstances in life may change that cause people to terminate their marriage, even later in life.

How are pensions divided in a divorce?

During divorce in Illinois, marital property is split equitably but not always equally. That means that assets like homes, vehicles, bank accounts and investments are split between the spouses in a fashion a court considers equitable.

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