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Mother has child custody revoked after drunk driving arrests

The highest concern of parents is the safety and well-being of their children. Family courts in Illinois and other states always focus on these interests during divorce proceedings and child custody hearings. Sadly, some parents call their judgment into question with bad behavior that could affect offspring.

Proposed law in Illinois may change child custody arrangements

The well-being of children should be the primary concern of spouses who have decided to end their marriage. Children have no real say in their future lives compared to the efforts and decisions that their parents can take when the time comes to get their lives in order after a divorce, separation or other marital event.

New Illinois laws may help divorcing parents with child care

Divorce is always a complicated process, even in the rare occasions when it is not a particularly unpleasant event. The end of a marriage can be a relief for both parties or a contentious debate in which people disagree about the assets and property they should possess as individuals after a divorce.

What does it mean to apply for child custody in Illinois?

When a person is going through a divorce, it is often difficult to think of anyone going through something worse. Yet for spouses with children, there is something worse happening: One or more children are losing their stability, their expectations and their family.

Figuring out parental responsibilities in Illinois

The needs and desires of children are one of the most important things to consider if married parents are getting a divorce. The end of a marriage may have many consequences, emotional and practical, but children have limited agency in a divorce so others have to consider their best interests.

Managing child custody issues in Illinois

Breaking up a household is always a difficult choice and an arduous process. It can seem like all the worst things that can happen in life are happening all at once. Although spouses and ex-spouses can appreciate this, divorce and separation are perhaps most difficult on children.

Illinois has simplified child custody laws

If a married pair of parents get divorced, there are many considerations to deal with before the process is over. Property must be split between the two, and any prenuptial agreements must be reviewed by the couple and their attorneys. No duty is more important, however, than ensuring the welfare of children.

Illinois changes a key child support law

Nothing is more important during a divorce or separation than the best interests of a couple's children. Although there are several legal and mediating tools to determine what adults deserve, children are protected by family courts and other institutions safeguarding their rights.