You have shared the news of your recent divorce with friends and family, but should you let people in your professional circle in on the news? 

Forbes offers advice on how to navigate divorce in your work life. Understand which facets of your personal life to divulge at your place of work. 

Let your boss know 

At the least, let your boss know about your divorce. You may have appointments with your lawyer or court sessions to attend, which could interfere with your work schedule. Because your split may impact your work performance, your boss needs to know why you may not perform at your full potential for the foreseeable future. When sharing the news, you only have to voice the divorce itself, not the details behind it. 

Restructure your financial plan 

During a marital split, you can anticipate a shift in your financial health. You may need to sit down and look over your current budget and your income as a single person. Depending on how things look, you may need to ask for a raise or promotion to help make ends meet. You may also need to either work more or work more flexible hours so you can maximize your time when you have custody of your kids. 

Meet with HR 

Because of your divorce, you may need to change your health benefits or retirement or pension plan at work. Sit down with an HR representative, one familiar with working with divorcing employees, to discuss what changes to make. Do not forget about any life insurance policies you share with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse. 

Be patient with yourself as you navigate going through a divorce at work. Hopefully, the above tips make the process easier.