As a woman navigating your way through divorce, you may not have given much thought to whether a financial advisor might be able to help you work through important financial matters. It may, however, benefit you to do so. Though the vast majority of divorcing women fail to consult with this type of professional, many who do find that they ultimately walk away with substantially more in their divorces than they might have otherwise. 

According to Forbes, about 95% of divorcing women fail to enlist the aid of a financial adviser during their divorces. However, this figure may be less about women not wanting financial assistance, and more about many of them not realizing that it is readily available. In fact, only about 5% of women recognize that this type of help is available to those working through divorces. 

How financial advisors help 

Arguably one of the biggest benefits a financial advisor offers is the ability to uncover potentially hidden assets or sources of income. When splitting from your spouse, you are likely going to have to divide more than just the value of your home. You may also have to figure out what to do with family heirlooms, engagement and wedding rings, college savings accounts and similar assets. A financial advisor should be able to help you make sure you cover all of your bases, which in turn should help you ensure that you receive your fair share during the split. 

Additional ways financial advisors assist 

A financial advisor may also help you nail down your financial goals and set a plan in place for achieving them. Maybe you want to purchase a new home soon after your split, or maybe you are more interested in paying down debts. 

Ultimately, many women find that hiring financial advisors during their divorces gives them more confidence that they are walking away with everything they deserve.