All child support payments go through the State Disbursement Unit. When a person makes payments, there may be times when they have to pay additional fees. Some fees are for the use of certain payment methods while state law imposes other fees. In any case, the person paying the child support will usually have to pay any fees.

For someone paying child support, additional fees may be of concern. It is not always easy to make child support payments, so any additional amount above what the court ordered can add to the hardship of making timely payments. In Illinois, those paying support should be aware of two possible fees they may have to pay.

Annual fee

According to the McHenry County website, state law mandates that all people paying child support must pay a $36 annual fee to the county circuit clerk. This annual fee covers administrative costs for the child support program.

This fee is mandatory, and if a person fails to pay it upon notice, then he or she will face collection actions. These actions may include withholding state tax refunds.

Payment fees

According to the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, there are three ways to pay child support payments when an employer does not withhold the payments. All three options have at least a minimal fee attached to them.

The least expensive fee is through an automatic debit option. This method requires a one-time, minimal fee for setting up the account.

The other two options require the use of payment by credit or debit card. They assess a fee with every single payment. Fees vary because they depend upon the amount of the payment.