It was not that long ago when it was de rigueur in family court for women to end up with primary custody of the children after a divorce. However, the attitude toward parenting has changed over the past few decades, and now it is much more common for parents to split custody of the children. This is known as co-parenting, and while it does have a number of benefits for the children, it can be difficult for parents to manage, particularly those who have an acrimonious relationship. According to, the biggest thing to focus on where co-parenting is concerned is effective communication.

While some divorces are more amicable than others, it is likely that there are at least some lingering hard feelings between yourself and your ex-spouse after a divorce. This can make communication difficult. It is a good idea to set a business-like atmosphere around your co-parenting relationship. Many divorced parents find that it is advantageous for them to limit conversation to written medium only. This means using a trusted messaging app, or perhaps keeping communications to email. Not only can this make conversation more professional, it also leaves a paper trail so it is clear about what was agreed upon when.

Make sure that all conversation is directly related to the children. Keeping the conversation focused on the kids will prevent it from veering off-course and into some potentially difficult emotional territory. It is important to get used to talking with your ex with restraint. Remember that you will likely be communicating with this person for the rest of your child’s minority, and probably well after.