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November 2019 Archives

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Ironing out the do's and don'ts of divorce in Illinois

When a couple's marriage ends, there may be some fear on both sides as to what happens moving forward. Illinois couples who are homeowners and who have made the decision to divorce might be wondering what will happen to their family home and what to do and what not to do regarding divorce. Making a decision about the home is never an easy one seeing that it is likely the place where many happy family memories were made, but there are options guided by the state's family law rules.

Family law: Helping children with stepparent relationships

The structure of the family has taken on new forms over the past couple decades. With divorce becoming more socially acceptable, there are more blended families in Illinois today than ever before. The legal issues concerning families are governed by family law and that includes issues surrounding stepparents who may find parenting in blended families a bit challenging, but it needn't be.

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