Given the emotion that is often involved in divorce cases in Crystal Lake, it is not uncommon to see both sides dig their proverbial heels in and fight for what they believe to be the outcome most advantageous for them. When proceedings devolve to this point, accusations may start to fly back and forth, each with the intent of damaging the other’s case. The bitterness behind such allegations can often make it difficult for people to not view them with a certain degree of skepticism, especially when those they aimed at deny them. 

That is exactly what former baseball star Jim Edmonds is doing after his soon-to-be ex-wife accused him of having an affair with their children’s nanny. Edmonds (who has admitted to infidelity in the past) vehemently denies the allegations, saying that he views the girl as being like one of his children and that as such, he would not even consider engaging in a relationship with her. The accusation apparently came following a dispute between Edmonds and his wife, during which she called the police. Authorities responded, yet hee was not arrested and it was reported that no assault took place. 

In a divorce case, allegations of infidelity are difficult to ignore. Yet until they are verified, they remain just that. Those making them may indeed believe that they are true, and thus feel justified in doing so. Yet at the same time, one has been falsely accused may feel the urgency to fight against them just as passionately. In either event, one case may be strengthened if they have the guidance of an experienced attorney to help them in dealing with such matters.