The process of fostering or adopting children in Illinois is not one for the faint of heart and is certainly not a process that is approved without considerable investigation into the home life of potential host families. A part of the process of adopting and even foster parenting is a home study where a member of the family’s chosen adoption agency will visit an applicant’s home and analyze whether or not the environment is safe, comfortable and realistic for a child to grow and thrive. 

According to the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services, a family’s willingness to sacrifice their time and resources and become the permanent guardian of a child or children through the adoption process can make a considerable difference in the future of the children in their care. Rather than living their life bouncing between temporary housing options, adopted children have the chance to experience a loving and loyal family dynamic that is conducive to a life of success and happiness. 

Because the home study is such a critical part of a family’s effort to adopt, being prepared is imperative to their ability to experience the most rewarding outcome. CK Family Services suggests that people avoid overthinking the process of preparing their home. While it certainly would not hurt to organize a bit, reduce clutter and straighten bedroom space, familiess should maintain a sense of homeliness and authenticity. Likewise, when a member of their adoption agency arrives at their home, the family should be friendly and welcoming. Their efforts to prepare and to be inviting in their response to the official’s visit can help them to exude confidence and build rapport.