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The benefits of joint custody

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Illinois parents who are getting a divorce have to consider their options when it comes to custody matters. These days, most experts agree that the best option - if feasible - is to have joint or shared custody. It is said to benefit children in many ways.

As FindLaw shows, joint custody allows parents to equally share the responsibilities of raising a child. This does not necessarily mean joint physical custody. In fact, in many cases a child will continue spending most of their time with one parent and have a visitation schedule with the other. It does, however, mean parents have an equal say in how their child is raised. This includes important matters like medical decisions and where the child will attend school.

Meanwhile, Very Well Family looks at some benefits of joint custody. This includes an increased chance to cost-share on everyday items, having incentive to maintain a routine, and sharing the responsibility for disciplining children. Parents who share custody will also be able to take time out to focus on themselves, their work, and their lives if they are allowed to share responsibilities of raising a child.

More typical benefits also include allowing both parents to have an equal presence in their child's life. This allows the child to form healthy, solid bonds with both parents, as opposed to favoring only one or the other.

Joint custody may not be a feasible option for everyone. For those it could work for, however, it can potentially bring great harmony to the family and improve functionality and healing after a divorce.

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