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When you ask for a divorce, there is a possibility that your spouse may not take the request kindly. They may be annoyed, hurt or angry. In some cases, you may worry about your safety.

If you do, you need to know that you can seek an order of protection. Getting the order soon enough could be helpful in protecting you, your children and family members.

A case that shows the importance of being on guard was reported in early December. The news dictated a story about a woman who is now charged with murdering her husband after he filed for divorce. The woman called the police to tell them that she’d stabbed the man, and then hurt herself.

According to the story, the 47-year-old woman is now charged with first-degree murder in relation to the 38-year-old man’s death. He had filed for divorce from her around a week before he was killed. It is not clear what spurred her to attack him, but he did not survive the fatal stabbing wounds.

It is never easy for some spouses to accept that their partners don’t want to be together anymore, but attacking them is unacceptable. If you feel that you may be in danger, you need to speak up and let someone know. Call the police, your attorney or even a family member to make sure someone can help you get out of the danger you’re in. Get a protective order as soon as you can, so you can make sure the other party has to stay away from you at all times.