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Thanksgiving is coming up soon and Christmas is right on its heels. Today is the day for you to review your child custody and parenting plan to ensure that you have the right schedule for this busy season. We know that this might not be your favorite thing to do, but being able to plan now for events that are coming up might help to eliminate some of the holiday stress.

Sometimes, there are events that can’t be changed but that don’t work with the current schedule. By reviewing everything and looking at your calendar now, you have a chance to work with your ex to find out if there are compromises that might help you to plan for those events. Just remember that this has to be a mutual effort. You can’t expect your ex to bend the rules for your plans if you aren’t willing to be flexible for theirs.

Another consideration for the season is gift-giving. You and your ex should discuss how this is going to be handled. Think about the people to whom your children will give presents, as well as what presents your child will get. If you can work with your ex — and even with extended family members on both sides — you might be able to avoid duplicate gifts for your children while insuring that everyone who should receive something from your child does.

We know that it isn’t always easy to work things out with an ex. If you are having difficulties, we can help you find solutions. In some cases, this might mean trying to get back on the court docket to get components of the parenting plan changed if they are serious enough to warrant a modification.