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Some people claim that divorce is easier if the couple doesn’t have any children. While this might be partially true from a practical standpoint, there are some aspects of the split that might be more difficult when you don’t have kids.

Without children, you don’t have to worry about child custody and support. These are often contentious matters during the divorce. You might find that in the absence of children, you have to worry more about the material aspects of the split.

Property division is often a contentious matter since people get attached to their stuff. This is often an emotional component of divorce because you might want to cling to anything that is familiar. The martial home might feel like your safe haven. This is understandable; however, you need to remember that thinking about things from an emotional standpoint might not be in your best interests at this point.

One reason why divorce without children might be more difficult is that you might feel more alone than a person who has children to love after the split. Finding things that you enjoy doing might partially fill this void. You can find friends who enjoy doing the same things as you.

The emotional and financial costs of divorce often don’t have anything to do with the presence of children in the relationship. You need to look at the individual circumstances of your divorce to learn what options you have. From there, you can take the steps that you feel are in your best interests as you legally end the union. This goes for everything from your choices about marital property to how you handle the emotional rollercoaster that might be forthcoming.