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Child custody agreements might need to be fluid

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Many things happen when you are going through a child custody case. One thing that you might notice is that all of your children don't have the same needs. It can be difficult to work out parenting time schedules when your kids have a bunch of different activities to go to.

Working with your ex is going to be necessary to ensure that the children get to the places they need to go and back to the correct home. You might soon find that you can't rely only on a set schedule to make this happen. Being willing to be flexible can help you cope with these situations.

Some parents need to have a firm schedule to follow because they will end up in an argument if they try to alter things at all. This is a hard situation to be in because the needs of children are fluid. Even when things are a bit inconvenient for you, putting the child's needs first is imperative. You can't focus on what is going to make life easier for you or more difficult for your ex.

We understand that you truly want what's best for your children. It isn't always easy to figure this out. Having parents in different homes can be a difficult life for kids but when both adults are willing to do whatever they can to help them, life is much easier.

When you are getting the terms of the child custody agreement hashed out, remember that the child's needs will change over time. You might need to alter the plan later, which is usually better than attempting to shoehorn a child's life into a plan that doesn't work any longer.

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