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Address the challenges of parenting plans for teens

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Rearing a teen isn't easy for any parent. While these young adults are learning how to be self-sufficient in life, they still need the guidance of their mothers and fathers. Parents who are going through a divorce who have teens might realize just how difficult it is to come up with a suitable parenting plan for them.

For many situations involving teenagers, it is best to have a somewhat fluid custody plan. They usually have a variety of social engagements, including extracurricular and school activities. Some teens also have jobs. Unless you and your ex live close to each other, having your teen go back and forth from one home to the other might be difficult. Instead, the child might need to live in one home and just visit the other parent when their schedule allows.

It might help to discuss the situation with the teen to find out if they have any ideas about what might work. Many older teens may have good ideas about what can resolve potentially challenging situations. They also have opinions about what they'd like to have happen.

Even though you may be challenged by dealing with a teen, you and your ex will still need to work together as parents. Simple thing like having a consistent curfew and attending the child's activities might help tremendously. Just remember that the ultimate goal here is a raise a teen who can take care of themselves when they leave the house. They need to be able to spread their wings while they still have your guidance and help.

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