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There are a few goals that you need to have when you are going through a child custody case. Each one of these helps to keep your parenting arrangement on good terms and enables the children to reap the benefits of a successful child custody situation.

One of the primary goals that you need to set is to ensure that the children's best interests are a priority. This is often easier said than done during a divorce. You and your ex have to put aside the matters that led to the end of the marriage so that you can focus on making decisions for the children.

Another goal is that you need to have respectful communication with each other. The anger that bubbles up due to the divorce must be suppressed. When things start to get heated, it is best to take a step back so that you don't say anything that could turn the relationship into a negative ordeal. Be willing to give your ex space if they say they need a bit of time.

You should also decide that you and your ex are still a team. If your children are living at home, you need to present a united front. If there are disagreements, don't let the children know this. Discuss them in private and work on coming up with a solution.

Avoiding procrastination is another priority that you must have. Because of some of the planning that goes into a child custody situation, it is best for you to let your ex know if there are special events coming up. This gives you a chance to work out the finer details of what needs to happen for the event.

Child custody matters are usually covered in the court order that governs the children. Make sure that you remain in compliance with this, so your life will be less stressful.

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