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Your estate plan can protect you and your family members. While most adults don’t relish the thought of having to come up with the terms of the plan, it can help provide you with peace of mind. You have to ensure that you are going about the estate plan properly. There are some things that might invalidate your well-thought out estate plan.

One of the most important things for you to do is to ensure that it is written and witnessed in accordance with the laws of Illinois. Not doing this will give any person who wants to contest the will a valid basis for doing so.

You also need to make sure that you update your will as necessary. Review it on a regular basis and if you have anything significant happen in your life. When you don’t make sure your will reflects your most up-to-date wishes, your loved ones won’t know what you intended to happen if you pass away.

When you check on the suitability of the will, review who you have placed over your estate. This person needs to be responsible and should be able to handle tasks like filing the estate’s tax return and getting required bills paid. They also have to find assets and heirs so that the assets can be distributed appropriately.

Make sure that you think about your estate and how it might be impacted by the tax codes that apply to it. You do have the option of spending down some of your estate, but you need to learn about the limits that apply to this. Giving away some of your assets before you die can reduce the tax burden your loved ones will face.