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Divorce without minor children might be simple

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The end of a marriage is a trying time for many people. For those who don't have any children, the process is a bit easier since they don't have to worry about child custody and support. There are still many considerations that you need to think about when you are in this position. We realize that you might have some questions about what is going to happen as you work through the process.

Dividing up the assets that you have amassed during the marriage might be the most difficult thing that you have to work through. In many cases, people choose to try to work together to get this done so that they aren't trying to wait for a spot on the court docket to open up.

Working with your ex isn't something that is easy to do. You might find that they are doing everything they can do to get on your nerves. It is usually best to look past this juvenile behavior and focus on getting everything over and done with as quickly as possible. We can help you try to keep things on track so that you can get things finalized.

There are times when working things out isn't possible. In these cases, it might be necessary for the court to step in and handle the division. This will likely take longer and might be more expensive, but it is best to be prepared for the possibility just in case it come to this. We can help you evaluate all the options that you have so you can choose the one you feel is best for your needs.

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