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What exactly is bird's nest parenting?

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There doesn't seem to be any shortage of parenting styles to explore these days. If you and your ex have a child together but can't remain in a relationship, you might have to devise a parenting plan that works for everyone.

One of the factors to be determined in these cases is the child custody arrangements. You and your ex have some logistical decisions to make. For some parents, bird's nest parenting is the necessary arrangement.

How does this help the children?

In bird's nest parenting, the child lives in one home while the parents alternate living with them in that home. The kids benefit from the stability of having a stable home. They don't have to go back and forth between parents. This also minimizes the chance of the child's clothing and other items getting lost.

Where does the other parent live?

The parent who isn't caring for the child in the bird's nest home will need to have somewhere else to live. The parents might each have their own place outside of the central home. When money is tight, the parents might share a place. For example, they might rent a two-bedroom apartment so that each has their own space. They aren't likely going to be in the apartment at the same time so the arrangement might work swimmingly.

Who pays the bills?

In almost all of these cases, the bills will be split by the parents. This can be done based on the amount of time that each parent is in a home, an even split down the middle, or a percentage based on the income of each parent. Make sure that this is included in the parenting plan or child custody documents to avoid future disagreements.

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