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The correlation between expensive weddings and divorce

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Divorce is not on the forefront of most couple’s thoughts on their wedding day. There is so much to do as guests arrive and everything is situated for a final go-ahead from the wedding planner. Interestingly though, how much couples spend on their wedding day may be a precursor for future divorce.

Although it is true that no relationship is ever truly bulletproof, some marriages can be setup for failure in the planning and expenses applied to the big day. Couples who are facing the reality of divorce and separation should consider what researchers are finding in relation to wedding expenses and the likelihood for divorce.

The correlation

A surprising new study conducted by two economists discovered a correlation between expensive weddings and divorces. Simultaneously, a connection was found between low-cost weddings and marital longevity. It appears the wedding industry plays a major role in influencing couples to spend high costs on all details pertaining to the big day. The underlying concept between wedding advertising is that the more lavish the wedding, the happier the outcome on your journey ahead.

The findings from the study showed weddings costing over $20,000 had an increase of divorce rates of 1.6 times than those costing between $5,000 and $10,000. Weddings that costs the cheapest, $1,000 or less showed a below average divorce rate.

Why is this

The reason for this is still up for debate. However, some people believe that it could come from the mentality of money and spending habits that are already putting newlyweds at a disadvantage. Money continues to be the main reason for divorce. Couples could be facing large amounts of debt or arguments on spending choices soon after marriage. Couples who are more frugal for their wedding day typically display a healthier view on spending and money decisions.

Divorce happens to many couples who tie the knot. It is important to remember that you are not alone if you are facing a legal separation and divorce in your marriage. If money was a contributing factor to your divorce, consider considering your spending choices and how you might do things differently in the future. It is worth examining all contributions to avoid future heartache and repeated cycles.

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