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The correlation between expensive weddings and divorce

Divorce is not on the forefront of most couple’s thoughts on their wedding day. There is so much to do as guests arrive and everything is situated for a final go-ahead from the wedding planner. Interestingly though, how much couples spend on their wedding day may be a precursor for future divorce.

Prenuptial agreements can only include certain points

A prenuptial agreement is a good financial tool for those planning to marry. There are many points that can be included in these contracts, but there are also some that can't be. It is imperative that you know the difference so that your prenup can't be invalidated later.

Is virtual visitation right for me in Illinois?

If you've heard of virtual visitation, it's likely that you have thought about how it could fit into your life. Going through a child custody battle is never easy. Coming to an agreement on your own with the other parent can be very challenging, especially if you've never gotten along.

Explaining the duties of an executor of a trust

Trusts are important legal documents that ensure a person's property, both real and financial, are taken care of upon their death or if they become incapacitated. If you know what a trust is, it's likely you know what the executor of a trust is too. This is a person who is chosen by the creator of the trust to handle the instructions of the trust when the time comes in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

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