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One of the most important parts of life is planning your estate. This aspect of life becomes even more critical when you have children. You don’t want to risk having your children be placed in the custody of the state should you die unexpectedly before they become adults. Here are some important tips you should follow when choosing a guardian for your children in Illinois.

It’s important to choose a guardian who knows your children. This can be a friend, family member or other person in your life. The person should be good with kids, comfortable around your children and have the room in his or her home for children to live with him or her should the time ever come.

When choosing a guardian for your children, you should make sure that you trust him or her implicitly. Trust is vital because this person will be caring for and raising your children in the event of a tragic accident that takes you from them early in life. The person you choose should know how important it is that you raise the children according to your values and beliefs even after you’re gone.

Another tip for choosing a guardian for your child is to pick a person who lives close to you. It can only make the situation worse for your children if they will be sent hundreds of miles away to their new guardian. This can cause even more emotional stress following your death as they might no longer be near their grandparents or cousins.

Sitting down to choose a guardian for your children might be a difficult discussion to have with your spouse but it is an important one. Don’t wait a minute longer to make this crucial estate planning decision in Crystal Lake.