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Explaining shared custody to your children

Going through a divorce can be very difficult for even couples that knew their marriage wasn't strong. It can be even more challenging when you add children to the mix. Whether you are divorced or simply had a child with someone, you will need to come to an agreement on child custody. Once the agreement is in place, you will need to explain it to your child, especially when it involves shared custody.

Why should I have a joint credit card with my spouse?

Whether you are married or planning a wedding, there are quite a few important discussions you need to have with your significant other. One of those discussions should center around finances and the use of credit cards. Credit cards can get a lot of people in trouble with debt in a short period. The most commonly asked question is why should I have a joint credit card with my spouse?

Making a decision on signing a prenuptial agreement

Are you planning to propose? Did you recently get engaged? This is a big step in life that should be celebrated by you and all of your family and friends. Marriage is a great thing. You also need to realize that not all marriages last, even the ones that seem to be doing so well. That's why you need to consider signing a prenuptial agreement. Here's how to determine if signing a prenup is the right step in Crystal Lake.

Choosing a guardian for your children in Illinois

One of the most important parts of life is planning your estate. This aspect of life becomes even more critical when you have children. You don't want to risk having your children be placed in the custody of the state should you die unexpectedly before they become adults. Here are some important tips you should follow when choosing a guardian for your children in Illinois.

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