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Having to share custody with the other parent of your children might not be the easiest thing to do in life. Even if you have a pretty good relationship with the other parent, you still don’t want to have to give your children to the other parent for even just a weekend. The exchange of child custody in Crystal Lake must be done in a way that ensures the safety of not only your children, but also yourself. Here are some tips to make this happen.

If the situation between the two parents, or two people who have custody, is not the best, it is recommended that a noncontact exchange occurs. This can be done at the child’s school. The one parent drops the child off on Friday morning and that afternoon, the other parent picks up the child. Then, on Monday morning, the parents switch roles. They never have to see each other using this exchange method.

If exchanging custody at school is not an option, such as in the middle of the weekend, during the summer or during a break in the school schedule, it’s best to exchange custody at the police station. You can exchange custody in the parking lot where cameras of the building will capture everything happening.

Another option to make the custody exchange safe is to perform the exchange in a public place, such as a mall, public park or library. With so many people around, it’s very unlikely that the other parent will cause any issues with you or the child.

If you follow the tips outlined in this post, you should have no trouble ensuring the safety of all involved is taken into account. Don’t let anyone else try to change your routine or exchange custody in an environment where you do not feel safe in Illinois.

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