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Second-Parent Rights: it's more than blood

Same-sex marriages are now recognized nationwide, but with the right to marriage comes the right to divorce. Complex issues, such as property division and child custody, become more difficult for LGBTQ couples, and if not handled properly, the consequences weigh heavy on both parties.

Can your divorce be based on a 'ridiculous' fight?

If you're familiar with family comedy shows such as "This Is Us" and "Modern Family" you may know about how petty arguments between married couples can morph into big problems. On television, these types of disputes typically turn into comedic moments, but sometimes emotional moments come about.

Parental alienation robs you of your rights

Because your marriage was stressful, you probably had no doubt that your divorce would be too. Still, you managed to separate, and now you share parenting duties that include divided time with your children. While this arrangement seemed to work in the beginning, you are noticing a change in your children. Perhaps they are more sullen, less communicative or even uninterested in being with you. They may even be openly defiant and disrespectful.

Protecting your children's best interests during visitation

When you decided to divorce, your main priority was to make sure the situation would not permanently scar your children. Due to certain extenuating circumstances, however, you immediately had cause for worry concerning future parenting plans, namely, the potential visitation arrangement.

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