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The highest concern of parents is the safety and well-being of their children. Family courts in Illinois and other states always focus on these interests during divorce proceedings and child custody hearings. Sadly, some parents call their judgment into question with bad behavior that could affect offspring.

A mother’s drunk driving has caused serious concern among other parents as well as several child protective services agencies. An Illinois police chief described his department’s arrest of the woman “one of the worst impaired driving arrests our agency has ever made.”

Her arrest in Riverside was the seventh known time she was caught driving drunk by police, and each time was in a different state. She is also wanted on warrants for other reasons in three states.

Riverside Police were told she was searching for her 11 children, some of whom live in Minnesota. Most of the children had been taken into agency care over the woman’s legal problems, but all were returned in August 2017.

Two months later, the mother caused a drunk driving accident in Minnesota with five of her children in the car. The children again became the responsibility of the state’s Child Protective Services bureau.

Dangerous behavior that does not support the best interests of the child can be used as evidence in family court proceedings. Parents may argue that an environment is hazardous to children and claim sole custody or supervised custody. An attorney can help parents sort out the requirements of a family court hearing and represent a parent’s interests in front of a judge or mediator.

Source: The Washington Post, “‘One of the worst DUI offenders in the U.S.’ arrested again — this time in Illinois,” Marwa Eltagouri, April 06, 2018