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Filing for divorce in Illinois' largest county

Once a married couple begins to experience trouble, they often go through a variety of emotions and options. Therapy is an option, as well as changing routines to see if balance and harmony return to the relationship. If these and other efforts fail, the only remaining option may be divorce.

What should you know about the big money issues in a divorce

Illinois readers know that divorce will bring significant changes to almost every area of life. From your living arrangements to your bank account, you will have to make adjustments and shifts. Dealing with the major financial issues that present themselves at the end of a marriage is a daunting task, but you may find it beneficial to learn more about how you can pursue a strong post-divorce future despite these challenges.

Figuring out parental responsibilities in Illinois

The needs and desires of children are one of the most important things to consider if married parents are getting a divorce. The end of a marriage may have many consequences, emotional and practical, but children have limited agency in a divorce so others have to consider their best interests.

Is staying married for the kids really in their best interests?

If you are considering divorce, there may be a multitude of factors that might influence your decisions. If you have kids, chances are, you probably consider them to be a top priority, and you might wonder how the end of a marriage will affect them.

Considering annulment and divorce in Illinois

Ending a marriage is often a difficult and emotionally draining process. This is true if two people entered into the agreement with full hearts and clear minds. But if one or both parties were not aware or able to make the decision to marry, ending the marriage may be more complicated.

The basics of estate planning

Estate planning is a difficult process, in which we often face a lot of fears common to all humanity and fears that are often felt by the main earners in families. It is hard enough to confront the prospect of the end of life, but it is also difficult to ensure that our loved ones will be safe in the future.