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The most important terms in an Illinois divorce

Divorce is always a difficult process, especially when emotions have to be dealt with as much as joint property, retirement planning and child custody issues. Many spouses who are planning to get divorce will hire an attorney with experience in marital and divorce law to ensure their rights and privileges are protected.

Managing child custody issues in Illinois

Breaking up a household is always a difficult choice and an arduous process. It can seem like all the worst things that can happen in life are happening all at once. Although spouses and ex-spouses can appreciate this, divorce and separation are perhaps most difficult on children.

Is there annulment in Illinois?

Divorce is a difficult choice to make, but sometimes a marriage was not the right choice beyond emotional and financial reasons. Occasionally, a marriage should be declared to have never existed.

Estate tax may challenge larger assets in a will

Preparing for the end of life is always a difficult process, with many emotional challenges for people writing wills as well as their loved ones. One of the most complicated aspects of end-of-life planning is often how to deal with the product of a lifetime of work.