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Couples heading for marriage in Illinois should discuss a host of different topics prior to saying their vows. Marriage is not an easy venture, even for the most romantic couples that love to communicate well with each other. So, what should you talk about with your partner prior to marriage?

Let’s lead off with the most important discussion to have prior to getting married; sex. That’s right. This is very important because you don’t want to go into marriage with an idea of your sexual relationship only to have it turn out to be something different. Find out now where your partner stands with regard to your sex life as a couple and where you stand.

Money, money, money. Don’t forget to talk about money. You need to determine now how it will be managed, who will manage it, and who will work. Will both of you work? Will one person work? How will a budget be determined? All of these are important questions to answer before saying your vows.

Everyone has differing views when it comes to an ideal marriage. Sit down and talk about those views with your partner. Explain what you’ve always pictured marriage to be and what your partner thinks. Hashing this out now can save you a lot of pain.

Problems will arise in life after you are married, some of them in the marriage itself. Talk with your partner how the two of you will handle future problems when they arise. These problems can be physical, financial, emotional or mental.

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