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A group of more than 200 people met at the Hyatt Place in Normal, Ohio, last week to march in support of the Equal Rights Amendment that has yet to be ratified in the state. The event was created and run by the ERA Illinois Coalition of Bloomington-Normal.

The goal of the rally was to make people aware that Illinois still has not passed the Equal Rights Amendment. The second goal was to make it known that the community wants support regarding the ERA from local and state government.

Congress passed the ERA in 1972 even though it was created back in 1923. Once it passed in Congress, it was sent to each individual state for ratification. Just 36 of the required 38 states in the country have ratified the ERA. Illinois is just one of 14 states yet to ratify the amendment.

There is an ERA in the Illinois Constitution, but it does not apply to United States law. Organizers of the rally said that many issues are not covered by the amendment, but are covered by separate laws.

Such issues include equal pay for women, men establishing citizenship and child custody, and protect women receiving alimony in a divorce or receiving child support.

The United States is one of just seven countries in the world that does not have a provision for gender equality.

Equal rights is an important topic across the country and Illinois is no exception. An experienced family law attorney can help you understand the law, your rights and how you can protect yourself regarding various issues.

Source: The Pantagraph, “Local group kicks off goal to ratify Equal Rights Amendment,” July 28, 2017