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Parents and children could be helped by change in support rule

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A change in the child support rule in the state of Illinois could help both parents and children. It is scheduled to take effect on Monday, July 3, according to a report from the Journal Courier. The system currently in place used to pit parent against parent in an all-out battle for child custody based on who could pay more in support. That looks like it will change dramatically come July.

When the change goes into effect on Monday, it will move the process to more of an income share. This will encourage the courts to look at the income of both parents, including the net household income, when determining who will pay child support and how much will be paid. The courts will also take a look at the cost of living where the parents live and the amount of time the children spend with each parent.

"With Illinois becoming the 40th state to adopt the income-shares model, we will be using an approach that has become increasingly endorsed by experts and advocates in the field," said the director of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS).

This state agency is responsible for handling more than half a million child support collection cases annually across all of Illinois.

This change coming Monday will not change anything for people who are already paying a court-determined child support order, but it will likely catch some people off guard when they head to court to determine this issue with the other parent of their children.

There is a concern that this change will lead to parents attempting to monopolize time with their children in an effort to pay less in child support. Another potential issue is that many believe this change will limit the opportunity the parents have to negotiate their own settlement out of court.

When it comes to dealing with child custody and child support issues, an experienced family law attorney can help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of dealing with these issues.

Source: My Journal Courier, "Child support rule change could help children and parents," June 28, 2017

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