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Parents and children could be helped by change in support rule

A change in the child support rule in the state of Illinois could help both parents and children. It is scheduled to take effect on Monday, July 3, according to a report from the Journal Courier. The system currently in place used to pit parent against parent in an all-out battle for child custody based on who could pay more in support. That looks like it will change dramatically come July.

Preparing for a child custody battle in Illinois

Going through a divorce is tough for any couple, but when you add children into the mix, it can be downright exhausting and emotional. Parents always want what's best for their children and it goes without saying that this trait is often reflected in a child custody battle. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for a child custody battle in Illinois.

Common mistakes to avoid in a high asset divorce

A high asset divorce can be one of the most complicated, if not stressful, types of divorces out there. Many people will never experience this type of divorce in their lifetime. Those that do will want to know common mistakes to avoid during the process in Illinois.

How can I benefit from a special needs trust?

A special needs trust is an important component of any estate plan for parents who are raising a special needs child. Obviously, parents with special needs kids are going to be worried about what kind of care their children will receive when they die. Parents will also worry if anyone could provide the level of care and love that they give to their child on a daily basis.