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How to tell your children you are getting a divorce

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Divorce is a difficult subject for many, especially those who have children. It can be worrisome for parents headed for divorce regarding how they will tell their children. This is a stressful time for all involved and no one knows how a child will respond to the thought of parents divorcing. Here are some tips on how to tell your children you are getting divorced.

When telling your children you are headed for divorce, be sure to do it with your spouse. You need to show a unified front to your children. Use the word "we" as much as possible during the discussion. Shy away from accusations and playing the blame game when speaking with your children.

Plan out the conversation in advance. This is not a talk that you want to improvise. By having a plan, you limit the amount of mistakes you will make and can make the message to your children as crystal clear as possible. Cover some important points specific to your family's situation.

When the announcement is made, do so in front of your entire nuclear family. After the discussion is over, follow up with each child separately. When you follow up with the children, be sure to do it as a couple and not individually.

You must be open to questions when telling your children about divorce. They will have plenty of questions to ask. Do not shoot down their questions or tell them you will answer later. Questions might be asked days or weeks after you tell them about the divorce. Don't ignore these questions. Instead, answer them as honestly as possible.

When dealing with children, you will certainly deal with mixed emotions. Be ready to encounter a wide array of emotions and reactions from your children. Be patient with them and acknowledge their emotions.

Are you headed for divorce? A family law attorney can provide more information about the divorce process and how to tell your children.

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