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What do people worry about when considering divorce?

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A lot of people start thinking that they're interested in divorce, but they're worried to go through with it. What are some of the most common worries?

First, they worry about their kids. This is a very valid concern. It's important to consider the children's best interests throughout the entire divorce process. Things like custody rights, a parenting plan, and child support help define the child's post-divorce life.

Plus, some people actually say that parents end up getting more involved and their relationships with their kids can trend upward, rather than disappearing. For example, one expert noted that she knew someone whose husband virtually ignored the kids when they all lived at home.

Once they split up, he became more involved and actively spent time with the kids, perhaps simply having taken them for granted before and realizing how much he cared after the divorce.

People also worry about letting others down or being judged. How will you break the news to your parents or your friends? The thing to remember is that this isn't their decision; it's yours.

On top of that, people worry about the future. When you got married, perhaps you had a rough map in your head, from marriage to children to a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence. Now the future turns into an unknown quantity. It can help to look at this positively, thinking of what you can do to craft the life you really want.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to worry about, and it's important not to let them feel overwhelming. Just have a plan and make sure you know your rights through every step.

Source: Psych Central, "Afraid of Divorce? 15 Reasons Not To Be," Cherilynn Veland, accessed April 25, 2017

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