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Fertility rights of same-sex couples

Infertility is a condition which is defined as a couple struggling to conceive after trying at least 12-months to do so, provided the woman in under 35. While, in the case of those in heterosexual relationships, documented infertility gives way to a couple qualifying for their insurance to cover fertility-related expenses, for same-sex couples and singles, qualifying to receive covered fertility treatments is much less reliable.

You can fight for your children during a parental kidnapping case

Parents who find themselves in this situation may need special assistance to bring their children home. When a child is taken in this manner, the parent who is the victim of the crime has the right to pursue all legal avenues to bring his or her children back home. The person who took his or her children may face criminal charges and could lose his or her parental rights.

Understanding what rights you have when you adopt in Illinois

During the past decade, more than 15,000 children across Illinois were adopted. As for the profile of the children that have been adopted during this time, they have come from all walks of life, are of all ages and from diverse parts of the state.

How to terminate a domestic partnership in Illinois

Many couples, either heterosexual or homosexual, elect to enter into domestic partnerships in Illinois each day. They intend to gain rights to either health or life insurance benefits, equal parental rights to shared children, or for any number of reasons. Their right to do so was signed into law as Civil Union Law PA 95-1513 and made effective as of June 1, 2011.

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