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Foster care and adoption questions and answers

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Are you interested in learning a bit more about foster care and adoption in Illinois? Below are a few common questions that people have. Adoption can be a time-consuming process, though a rewarding one, and it's important to know as much as possible along the way.

How many kids need to be adopted?

According to one report, there are over 3,300 children in Illinois alone who need to be adopted. This, of course, doesn't even count your options outside of the state or the country. There are about 17,920 total children who are in the state's foster care system.

Do you need to be perfectly healthy?

You do need to be healthy enough to care for a child, and a physical is part of the process if you want to get approved. That being said, you can be approved without flawless health. The authorities just want to make sure it won't impact the care that the child gets.

Will your home be inspected?

Yes. You won't be cleared until it is. This is done to make sure it's safe and to make sure you actually have enough space for the new child.

Can you adopt if you're not married?

Absolutely. Single people have the same rights to adopt as couples. One of the biggest myths about adoption is that you have to be married first, but there's absolutely no legal basis for it.

These are just a few of the things you want to consider before starting the adoption process, but they can help you see where to start as you look into the legal steps that need to be taken.

Source: Adopt Us Kids, "Illinois foster care and adoption guidelines," accessed March 21, 2017

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