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Life after divorce is bound to be different, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as some make it out to be, especially when dealing with your ex and your children. Below are a few tips that can help as you move forward:

1. Be flexible.

Maybe your spouse was supposed to have visitation on Mondays, and he or she usually does, but something came up. You ex wants to switch to Friday. Rather than fighting over it, be flexible and switch to a different night.

2. Don’t talk down about your ex to your kids.

You may be tempted to insult your ex when talking to your children — or, even if you’re not being directly insulting, to only stress the negatives. Remember that the kids still have a relationship with your ex, so it’s easier to talk about the positives, as well. This reduces tension in a family unit that your divorce doesn’t fully dissolve.

3. Ignore petty moves by your ex.

For instance, maybe you and your ex said you’d split the cost of summer camp for one of your kids. When you get the check from your ex, it’s $50 too low. You can bring it up if you think it’s an honest mistake. However, if you think your ex is just trying to start a fight with something petty and trivial, it may be best to ignore it.

At the same time, remember your rights. While shorting you by a small amount may be a petty move, underpaying on child support — or not paying at all — is illegal. When things like that happen, you must know what legal options you have.

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